The Artist


Raised in rural Oxford County, I spent much of my remembered childhood in farmer's fields, creeks, woods, and lakes. A love of nature and the desire to express that love through art has been a constant throughout my life. It solidified itself in my early 20's and I've been creating a body of work for almost 20 years, while also starting a family of my own. I have a home studio in Brantford, Ontario and participate in local art events each year. 

My Inspiration


I draw on my reverential love of nature to create acrylic work that speaks to the sense of peace and wonder, and feeling of belonging I experience when spending time outdoors near woods and water. 

My style uses animals and elements of nature to represent emotions and ideas, simplified forms and lines for definition, and repeating patterns and shapes to create a sense of movement.

My Process & Tools


Most of my paintings are created using acrylic paint, ranging in fluidity from ink stains that allow the support to show through,  to opaque layers - often all within the same painting. My supports are typically cotton canvas or supported wood panels.