About Me

Artist Bio

A love of nature and the desire to express that love through art has been a constant throughout my life. It solidified itself in my early 20's and I've been creating a body of work for almost 20 years, while also starting a family of my own. I have a home studio in Brantford, Ontario and participate in local art events each year. My goal for 2019, and beyond, is to enter more juried shows and find more venues to showcase my work.

My Medium

Most of my paintings are created using acrylic paint, ranging in fluidity from ink stains that allow the support to show through to opaque layers, often all within the same painting. My supports are typically cotton canvas or supported wood panels.

My Inspiration

The feelings of peace, wonder, reverence, and belonging when I spend time in woods and lakes are what I strive to express in my paintings. I have developed a style that seems to be unique to how my imagination bends and shapes the things I see and how I feel when I am surrounded by nature.

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Julie Buckrell

Brantford, Ontario, Canada

(226) 922-0859

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